Poem: Money Management

A rich master entrusted his money,
To a manager who squandered;
Confronted the manager acted,
On a plan that he pondered.

He needed protection,
From being put to shame,
So he keenly made deals,
Indebted to him people became.

The master was pleased,
At the shrewdness of this man;
His threats had lit a fire,
Cleverly doing everything he can.

The manager is unrighteous,
The true Master he doesn’t serve;
How much better should a disciple,
Manage wealth for his preserve?

Light a fire like the manager,
But use money for heaven’s sake;
For one day it will fail,
Yet protect an eternal stake.

Be faithful with unrighteous wealth,
And true riches you will gain;
Shrewdly make good deals,
The Master’s grace you’ll retain.

No one can serve two masters,
One he will hate, one he will love;
Skillfully devote your management,
To the Master who is above.

Luke 16:1-13

The one holy and true Master, I devote the money You have blessed me with to Your service. Teach me how to best manage the wealth You have entrusted and thank you for the true riches I will gain when I have been found faithful in my money management. I love You more than riches for You are the One who provides more than what this world has to offer. Amen.

Truth in love,

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