Poem: Frozen

Staring out the window
No motivation inside
My lost mind is

Lying in bed
No energy to get up
The will to try is

Watching TV
Just passing time
Til misery subsides I’m

Sitting in the corner
Hugging my knees
Hanging my head as I’m

Lying on the floor
Crying through the pain
Deep breaths keep me

Need to talk
Don’t want to
Depression has me

He comes home
Makes me laugh
His presence gets me un-

Father, it hurts so deeply — the pain of depression. How I long for it to go away every second I feel it. Its misery is just so much to bear. But I just wait for the feeling to go away in whatever capacity I need to. Please shorten the days of my anguish. This is a thorn in my flesh I have begged You to take away. And though You haven’t, I will trust in You and endure for better days to come. Thank you for giving me people in my life that can brighten my days. Though I feel alone, I am not. Though I feel lost, I am not. Though I feel miserable, I am not for I have all comfort, peace, and joy through Christ Jesus Who is my eternal deliverance from all despair. Amen.

Truth in love,

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