For the Youth: Advice From Regret

You’ve heard about the rod,
Its need is inherent.
But it can be used infrequently,
Between a teen and their parent.

Instruction you still need,
At this young age.
Your attitude and actions,
Can set a gentle stage.

I wish I had done better,
When I lived my younger years,
To choose a better path,
Would have prevented many tears.

So here’s some advice,
From someone with regrets.
Please heed them carefully,
Before your own sorrow sets.

Be open and honest, 
In everything that you do.
Your parents will appreciate it,
And have trust in you.

When given a chore,
Make haste to get it done.
In this you will gain confidence,
And they won’t take away your fun.

A soft answer turns away wrath,
You’ve heard it said.
Do this with your parents,
When their faces are red.

Don’t give that look,
The one where you roll your eyes,
Unless you want a reprimand,
One that you will despise.

Process your anger,
Before it gets out of hand. 
This way you can determine,
Whether it’s worth taking a stand.

Yes sir and please,
Goes a long way,
To influence your parents,
With your honoring sway.

Communication is key,
To open the door.
Be upfront in your words,
And honesty will be the core.

Admit when you’re wrong,
Without shifting blame.
Don’t justify yourself,
Take responsible claim.

Listen without interruption,
Even if you don’t agree.
Experience gives wisdom,
In time you will see.

Your parents aren’t perfect,
I’m sure you’ve already learned.
Be patient with them,
In the things they best discern.

Thank your parents,
For their continual sacrifice.
Deposits of gratitude,
Makes relationships nice.

Humbly request to be heard,
When you feel you need to speak.
Be sure it’s done in respect,
Or your opportunities will be bleak.

Adhere to the rules,
Even if it doesn’t make sense.
They’re for your best interest,
And to be your defense.

Don’t expect things to be perfect,
You all need to grow.
Be mindful of your part,
And the seeds that you sow.

The rod can be minimized,
Frequent gentleness can be true.
Change your ways teenager,
It’s primarily up to you.

I will do my best, dear Lord, to heed advice that teaches me to honor my parents so that our relationship can grow in love and respect for each other. Forgive me for my struggles in this. Show me how to honor them in a way that is pleasing to You. In Christ, Amen.

See also the article The Rod or Gentleness

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