Proverbial Family: Answering the Whys

Why? It's the question asked over and over by every child. It can become pretty exhausting trying to answer every why, yet answering why needs to become a priority and habit of every parent. Why? Because actions have consequences, and the best instructions we can give our children are those that explain the consequences. Why? … Continue reading Proverbial Family: Answering the Whys

Proverbial Family: Foolish Feminism, Part 2

In Foolish Feminism, Part 1, I expressed how feminism started in a good place, yet today we're seeing a shift in focus to the extreme with the claim that men and women are inheritly the same. Since they obviously aren't, this is confusing our society and hurting families all around. The solution to this foolishness … Continue reading Proverbial Family: Foolish Feminism, Part 2

Conforming is Hard

Algebra. The dreaded subject by many highschoolers, and the very subject that gives my son and me grief every school morning. This is stupid....this doesn't make any sense.... why do I have to learn this...when will I ever use this in life.... .....are the broken record of phrases frustratingly sung by my son. As I … Continue reading Conforming is Hard