Poem: In the Midst of Harvey

We want to unburden,
Our neighbors in need,
But we may have to wait,
Til the waters recede.

On the news I see,
People blessed to assist,
Their opportunity for charity,
They cannot resist.

But I just sit here,
Stuck in my abode,
Longing to provide aid,
To lift a friend’s load.

Trusting my Lord’s time,
In prayer I patiently wait,
For the right opportunity,
To help their difficult state.

There’ll be plenty to do,
Once the waters recede,
Love still to extend,
For our neighbors in need.

Father, please give relief to us as we experience this storm. Give us opportunity to bestow Your love as we help our neighbors through this devastation. In all things we trust in You through Christ, Amen.

Truth in love,

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