Poem: Weddings Are Convicting

A couple deep in love,
With stars in their eyes,
A future so hopeful;
Do I still have these ties?

The godly minister,
Gives the covenant roles,
Guidance from their Creator;
Am I upholding our souls?

Promises are pronounced,
Vows to always stay true,
Even through great hardships;
Have I seen mine through?

Weddings are convicting,
A rememberance not to part,
What it takes to be happy;
Do I have this joyous heart?

My God, we strive for a marriage that exemplifies Your pattern and is full of commitment, passion, love, happiness, and hope for the future. These are the ties that brought us together in matrimony and are the vows we keep in upholding each other’s souls in seeking our eternal rest. Thank you for weddings that convict us to examine our own union by reminding us of our covenant promises and what it takes to have a joyous heart even in the midst of hardships. Amen.

Truth in love,

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