Hello Again

It’s been a little over six months since I wrote my last post. Why? I haven’t quite grasped that yet. Maybe I just needed a break. Maybe the reasons for which I started this blog have changed. Maybe I just needed to put my focus in other areas of teaching and sharing God’s word. Maybe I needed to refocus.

Maybe I just needed to back away to miss it. And I do….miss it that is. I am missing the way writing pushes me to put things in perspective, grow in understanding God’s will, and share with others. That’s why I’m writing today.

I’ve been able to do much work in God’s kingdom these past six months and have learned so much about myself and the gifts God has blessed me with, but I’m ready to once again work in this capacity. The extent of which I do will just depend on where I’m needed, but I don’t think it will be six months before I make another post.

So, hello again. I look forward to sharing in this journey with you in speaking the truth in love.

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