Letting Go

How can you do it
Let them go
Into a prodical life
Where sin will grow

As a parent it’s tough
You’ve raised them right
Yet you’re not letting them go
Without a good fight

But it becomes apparent
The path they want to choose
So you must do it
Knowing they will lose

But all is not lost
You do this in love
It takes finding wisdom
From your Father above

Because God let’s go
To chasten our heart
If we want to rebel
He lets it all fall apart

Sometimes it’s the only way
To bring someone back
They have to be brought low
To see what they lack

Maybe you feel helpless
In taking this path
You fear they won’t change
And face God’s wrath

The fear is real
But what else can you do
God never forces obedience
And neither should you

What you will do
Is pray and be ready
Set boundaries yet show love
In your faith be steady

Because what they will need
Is a loving place to go
When their heart is ready
To let repentence flow

When they come back
It will be your time
To open your arms wide
And forgive every crime

That will be the joyful day
That it all turns around
Letting go is worth it
When the lost becomes found

“for this my son was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.” And they began to be merry. Luke 15:24

My most merciful Father, it is so difficult to see my child go astray. I have instilled Your word in them, yet they are choosing a different path. Please give me the wisdom to fight for their soul and to know when to let go. Help me to see the boundaries I need to set to not approve of anything that goes against Your commands and not lead me or others into temptation. Teach me how to do all of this in a spirit of love, always keeping the door open for mercy and forgiveness remembering the abundance of mercy and forgiveness You have extended to me. I put my trust in You as I continue to be faithful through all this uncertainty. Give me a heart to see my faults and to be what my child needs to bring them into Your everlasting grace. Please place people in both our lives that will encourage us to walk with Jesus. Thank you for the hope that carries me through. I will hope in Your salvation and hope as I continue to pray that this prodigal child who is lost will one day be found. And when that happens, I will be there to help pick up the pieces, and rejoice for their soul that was once dead but now is alive in Christ. All grace and power be to my Savior, Jesus, for He died for moments such as these. Amen.

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