Poem: Mercy and Punishment

They spied out the land,
How beautiful and plentiful it was.
A land flowing with milk and honey,
To abundantly satisfy their needs.

Yet most were afraid,
Of the giant people they saw.
They felt like grasshoppers,
Among a devouring land.

The anger of God was kindled,
For their treatment of contempt,
In spite of the signs performed,
And their lack of trust in Him.

He wanted to destroy them,
His humble servant pleaded,
Knowing that He was merciful,
Always keeping His promises.

The Lord is slow to anger,
Abounding in love and forgiving,
Yet He punishes the guilty,
For their sin and rebellion.

They were punished,
To wander for 40 years,
For their grumbling and distrust,
Never to see the promised land.

But their children would go,
With faithful Caleb and Joshua,
Because of the Lord’s mercy,
Forgiveness and abounding love.

Numbers 13-14

Trustworthy God, there have been times that I have been like these Israelites. I have grumbled and complained against You in spite of everything You have given me. I have rebelled and thought my way was better. I have been afraid even though You promise to protect me. Though you have allowed me to live out the consequences of many of my trespasses, You have also been very merciful to me. I am guilty. I always deserve punishment, yet Your love abounds in Your forgiveness. I trust in You, my Lord, as You always keep Your promises. Forgive me where I have not kept mine and cleanse me with the blood of Your Son. Amen. 

Truth in love,

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