Poem: The Lamb’s War

On a white horse He rides,
Taking vengeance for those,
Who walk by His side.

He’s a warrior who takes life,
Conquering the evil beast,
And nations who cause strife.

Mouth with the sharpest of swords,
Striking with wrath for His rule,
As King of kings, Lord of lords.

Don’t think you can get away,
Persecuting His faithful saints,
For one day you will pay.

Beware of the Lamb’s war,
Where judgment is made,
To settle a righteous score.

Inspired by Revelation 19

Hallelujah! Salvation and glory and power belong to You, O God. Your judgments are true and righteous and You avenge all evil against
Your bondservants. In righteousness Your faithful and true servant, Jesus, judges and conquers to deliver His saints from their wicked foes. He is the Word and the sword of His mouth makes victory known. May all the earth proclaim the name of Jesus Who is King of kings, Lord of lords. Amen!

Truth in love,

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