Have you ever been loading your dishwasher and had that one dish you just couldn’t get to fit but you were determined to make it happen? And then, you re-organized everything, piecing everything together like a puzzle and wah-lah… that ghastly dish fit perfectly now. SCORE!!!

How many times have we felt we just couldn’t fit daily prayer and bible study into our lives? But yet, if we would be determined to make it happen by re-organizing our time, we would find a place where it fits perfectly like that critical piece that completes the puzzle. BIG SCORE!!!

Father, my life can be so busy that I neglect the relationship I have with You. I make excuses within myself of why I can’t take time to pray or study Your word, but yet I know these excuses are not feasible. Because I have the power to choose how I spend most of my time, then I have the power to choose what I fit into that time. I am determined to re-organize my days so that I can spend more time with You. You are that perfect, most critical piece of the puzzle that makes me complete. Without You I am broken and lost. With You, I am becoming the beautiful picture that is being perfected through Christ. I love You Lord and desire to know You more. Amen.

Truth in love,

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