Glory to God

Then Jesus answered and said, “Were there not ten cleansed? But the nine-where are they? Was no one found who returned to give glory to God, except this foreigner?” Luke 17:17-18

What is it that keeps us from giving glory to God for everything good in our lives? With so many blessings, so many successes, God should always be at the forefront of it all. But, He’s not always there — at least in our hearts and minds. Why not?

There’s a side of me that I don’t like and am working hard at overcoming. It’s that side that loves the praise of men as if I am something great. That side that wants to compete to be the best for my own glory, afraid someone will come along and be better. A side that doesn’t give glory to God because I busted my bottom to succeed. I have put in the guts and sweat so of course I deserve what I get. And even if I haven’t, my human nature tells me I do. But do I really?

Because really, it’s God who put in the sweat and guts to get me where I am. He formed everything in the world with the ultimate plan, sent His Son to execute it, and provided the Holy Spirit to reveal all things I am learning to be successful. Without this plan and the sacrifices within it, I am nothing but a failure in His world. And when I read about those ten lepers who were cleansed and only one gave God glory, Jesus is teaching me to be the one who always gives God glory. He formed me. He gave me my abilities, my opportunities, and most importantly, my healing through Christ. He cleanses me of the leprousy of my heart as that egotistical side grows smaller and smaller while Christ grows greater and greater in me day by day. My diseased motives are made pure by giving glory to God for EVERYTHING good. Then, I am found to be like the foreigner who returned and gave God the recognition He so rightly deserves.

You are powerful, righteous, and true, my God. How shameful it is for me to ever think that my successes are only by my abilities. I am nothing but a leprous soul to even consider it. I have not always given You the proper recognition for all things good in my life. Please forgive me high and mighty, LORD. May all glory be to You forever and ever as You daily cleanse me of my ego through Christ Jesus! Amen!

Truth in love,

2 thoughts on “Glory to God

  1. So many times in life we cannot see ourselves in the situation but in reality we are just as guilty as they were. Thank you for bringing this to light! We should always ask ourselves when we read His Word how does apply to me!




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