Conforming is Hard

Algebra. The dreaded subject by many highschoolers, and the very subject that gives my son and me grief every school morning. This is stupid....this doesn't make any sense.... why do I have to learn this...when will I ever use this in life.... .....are the broken record of phrases frustratingly sung by my son. As I…

Blessed to Not Be Confused

We are living in confusing times. We still have false teaching, hypocrisy, and racism, but we can add to that mass confusions about marriage, sexuality, and gender. In such times, I feel blessed that I don't have to be confused.

Poem: Arrogance Lurks

You think you got it all together, With all your “perfect” works; Tithing and fasting you brag, In your heart arrogance lurks. Don’t point the finger as if, You have no guilt of your own; Putting down that tax collector, You’re true colors you have shone. Look to him who barely lifts, His eyes as…

Pointing the Finger

It feels good to point the finger doesn’t it? To look at other human beings and their ill circumstances and think they must be bad people to have suffered some bad fate while we beat our chest in comparison thinking we are so good.

Overcoming the Wilderness

In a time where I feel as though I should have been earnestly preaching the gospel, I have been physically weak through chronic illnesses and Satan has definitely taken advantage through his temptations.