I’m a bloated Christian

And this I pray, that your love may abound still more and more in real knowledge and all discernment Philippians 1:9

I’m a bloated Christian. I am so engorged with knowledge that is not being transferred into love.

As Ryan Cummings was explaining how Christians need both knowledge and love to grow and be fruitful in his sermon entitled, “The Fruit of God,” at our last gospel meeting, I felt as though he had read my heart. I am getting so much spiritual food through the knowledge I gain from studying and learning, yet I often feel that I am not putting the knowledge of Christ’s love to much use by teaching and serving others. Thus, I am so full of information that I’m not using leaving me feeling like I’m about to burst from keeping it all in.

So, what should I do? With chronic health problems that hinder my efforts, at this point, I don’t think there’s much I can do, but there’s much God can do.

And that is what I need to remember to keep me going. Maybe some people are engorged with knowledge because they deliberately choose not to put it to good use, but I know deep down that’s not me.

I desire to take everything I learn and use it to show Christ’s love. That is my passion and mission in life. God knows this and whatever He would have me to do, He will give me the means and health to do it.

Maybe sometimes I feel defeated by not being able to serve at the magnitude that I desire, but one thing both knowledge and love has taught me is that God is more powerful and merciful than I could ever imagine, and by His will, He will use me in ways I never thought possible. He already has, and with this in mind, I will do as I can and trust that no matter how bloated I feel at times, God has got this.

My powerful, merciful Father, help me to learn to abound more and more in the love of Christ while gaining real knowledge through Your word. May I always be willing to transfer the spiritual food of knowledge into serving others through love to continue to be fruitful and grow. As I am aware and open to the opportunities that surround me, I will trust that You will give me the means to serve You in whatever capacity You need me. In Christ, amen.

Truth in love,

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