Do you hide from God?

And there is no creature hidden from His site, but all things are open and laid bare to the eyes of Him with whom we have to do. Hebrews 4:13

When you pray are you brutally honest with God? Do you pour your heart out to Him, confessing your sins and struggles, asking for His guidance, seeking comfort and relief, opening up about every single thing that concerns you? Or, do you hide thinking He won’t see you for who you are?

I have tried to hide from God. It’s as if I think that if I’m not expressing it then God can’t see it. And, if I don’t tell Him then I won’t have to repent because really I’m not ready to change. Not yet.

What a fool I am! Nothing is hidden from God. If I’m going to truly serve Him with my whole heart I am going to have converse with Him in ways that I am brutally honest, and I am going to have to have that conversation EVERY SINGLE DAY. He’s the only one that I can do this with. He’s the one I NEED to do this with.

Because when I do, I am releasing all my fears and failures to Him. It does me no good to hold these things in, but it does me much good to be completely vunerable and accountable to the God I trust, who has demonstrated that He loves me more than I could ever understand.

My ever present Father, sometimes it’s hard for me to open up to You. It’s like I think I can hide my deepest, darkest sins, but really, all I’m doing is harming myself because nothing is hidden from You. You know every thought I have, every action I take, and You are the source of relief from my worries and the things that corrupt my soul. I will do better to have those open, honest conversations with You daily. I need You to be my rock. I need to release all my woes and fears to You; to lay them at Your feet, knowing that I can trust in Your forgiveness and concern for my well-being. You always give me what I need to overcome every challenge in this life. I am so grateful that You love me to the extent of sacrificing Your Son. With this in mind, I will stop hiding and come to You to pour my heart out so that I can repent and become better in my walk every day. Thank you for hearing my prayers. Amen.

Truth in love,

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