Can an abortion have favorable results?

Although a sinner does evil a hundred times and may lengthen his life, still I know that it will be well for those who fear God, who fear Him openly. Ecclesiastes 8:12

Let’s face it. Sometimes doing evil gets favorable results in this life.

I recently read an article on the Texas Right to Life website titled, “New York abortionist sets sights on Texas.”

It’s about a woman who is coming to my home state of Texas to fight for easier ways for women to have an abortion because she says, “I owe my freedom and medical career to that abortion.”

What!?! For those of us that believe abortion is a heinous crime, we couldn’t fathom such a claim.

But it’s true from her perspective. Instead of being tied down and having to face the responsibilities of pregnancy and bringing another life into this world, she was able to go on to pursue her education and eventually become a doctor. That abortion, in her mind, made this all possible.

And while many of us can sit back and clearly see the selfishness in this thinking, to her, these favorable results validates her actions.

But what if she had chosen different? Would the results have been as favorable? Well, things definitely would have been more challenging that’s for sure.

Whether she chose to keep the baby after birth in the long run or not, her future plans could have been delayed by pregnancy and who knows what other obstacles she would have faced with all the decisions revolving around this baby. Considering the father, her family, his family, finances, health, and societal burdens, choosing abortion almost looks like the best option to end it all. But that’s not really the end of it, is it?

Because what many of us really know is that favorable results now do not always equal favorable results in the end.

And so, for those that seek to have a fuller life at the expense of another’s life, your choices may have lengthened your days, brought you betterment in this world, and may have even helped other women do the same, but doing evil a hundred times with favorable results does not make all things well with you. The only thing that will do that is repenting of the evil acts you are taking upon innocent babies. And I pray often that you do.

Because in the end, what I and so many others who call abortion evil really want for you is to be well. Not well in the sense that you rid yourself of a problem that could hinder your success here on earth, but well because you fear God enough to take responsiblity, find a godly solution, and seek His forgiveness no matter your mistakes. Well in teaching and helping others to choose a different path than terminating a life. Well in your eternal state no matter what your earthly state. For, we don’t really know what all this life will bring us, but what we can know is where this life will bring us in the end if we will just fear God.

My gracious Father, I bring my petitions before You for all pregnant mothers who are scared when they find themselves in challenging circumstances. Please help them make the decision to protect the life within their body even though there are many struggles that come with that decision. Please forgive those that have chosen differently. May they have repentent hearts as they turn to You for guidance, peace, and comfort. Help all of us not just speak words against abortion but also to be willing to get involved in whatever way we can. No matter what this life brings, thank you that it can be well with us in the end if we will just fear You. Amen.

Truth in love,

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